Sunday, May 12, 2013

My Mom (by A.V)

 My mom is the best mom in the whole universe .  Whenever I feel sad in the dumps, she turns my frown upside-down .  She also inspired me to study and to participate in the Math Bee competition.  Also when I was sick, she gave me the right medicine to get better right after a few days.

Her cooking is really scrumptious, even though she tries new recipes her food makes my mouth waters .

When I was young, I didn't have to go to preschool because my mom taught me a lot of things at home. That is how I got the ability to read, write, type and use computer at age 3.  Although she taught me how to do things that I get years later, she cares a lot about me and loves me very much.  After I come home from school, she asks me how was my day going and if anyone bullied me .

My mom is my very first best friend! She understands me well. If I had any problems, she always know how to fix it. When I feel nervous, I always remember my mom told me "Don't be nervous, just try your best!"... My mom is also very nice and sweet to me, and whenever I have trouble doing homework, she is very helpful.  She helps me practice my spelling words before the test.

My only way to thank Mom is give all the love, respect to her because my mom is the best mom in the universe <3


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